Thursday, June 10, 2004

How to Successfully Get that Grant You Need 

Dennis Adamkiewicz P.E., COO of Quantum Electronics Development, was our featured speaker at this morning's NEOSA-Akron meeting. He gave a street-wise, interactive talk on "Grant writing: how to successfully get that grant you need."

One of several important points he emphasized: network heavily and develop a relationship with key people in the agency you are applying to.

Dennis suggests that anyone looking for more information on getting government technology grants (SBIR and STTR) check out this comprehensive website: www.sbirworld.com.

Dennis's presentation can be viewed here: Grant me a Wish Presentation.ppt

Dennis also provided two other extremely useful presentations, courtesy of the Ohio Department of Development, which you can view here:

SBIR Presentation.ppt

Technology Brief Region 8.ppt

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Hey NEOSA members, if you are looking to augment your staff resources with some very affordable student talent, check out TechStudents.net.

Techstudents.net is "an electronic forum connecting skilled technology students eager to gain real world experience with businesses that are in-demand of affordable technology resources." Sounds like a good source of student interns and extra project-based help.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

A Marriage Made in Heaven: NEOSA and COSE  

NEOSA and COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) are getting together! And it is great news, I think.

Craintech yesterday reported on the proposed merger of NEOSA and the Greater Cleveland Partnership. Both Boards have approved the merger, but NEOSA members have to ratify the change through a vote in August.

What will this mean to NEOSA members? A lot of good stuff:One question those of you in the Akron/Canton/Medina/Kent areas may have is: does this mean NEOSA's mission becomes Cleveland-based, since it will be part of the "Greater Cleveland Partnership"?

The answer is "no." The mission remains the same: to represent the tech community throughout Northeast Ohio. For instance, COSE represents the greater Northeast Ohio region, not just the Cleveland area.

Craintech has an article (with a strange title) here:

Also, I am reproducing the full text of the press release as follows:



NEOSA is pleased to announce that as of Aug. 5, 2004, the organization will merge with the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) and the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP). To affect this change, NEOSA will become a council of the Greater Cleveland Partnership and will operate under a special operating agreement with COSE (which is also a council of the GCP). The merger provides both long-term sustainability for NEOSA and an opportunity to better serve our members at the same time.

NEOSA' s relationship with COSE is not new. Since its formation in 1998, NEOSA has worked closely with COSE to address the technology needs of COSE members, provide access to NEOSA members to select COSE programming and to advance the technology agenda in the region.

By joining together we can do more -- providing expanded services, deeper networking opportunities and greater reach to potential customers.

NEOSA exclusively serves the tech community, while COSE has a number of tech company members but serves all area businesses. However, the organizations have much in common:

Both organizations are member-focused and member-driven.
Both organizations concentrate on growing their members' business --with directories, networking events and educational programming.
Both organizations serve as a "go to" resource for their members.
Both organizations have solid reputations within the community -- often acting as a collective voice for their constituencies.

With so many non-profit organizations working toward so many different objectives, this new relationship can take some of the confusion out of the landscape and make for easier access to these important services.

Small business owners often have a hard time keeping up on how best to use technology to increase productivity, reduce costs and build wealth. With the resources of NEOSA, COSE will be better able to serve as a resource for information on technology issues, initiatives, training and organizations throughout the region. Likewise, NEOSA members will receive access to all of COSE's resources to help them grow their companies.

Consider this relationship in terms of marrying a horizontal (functional) business development service with a vertical (industry-specific) focus -- COSE provides services to grow all businesses and NEOSA is a silo for the IT Industry. Joined, both organizations -- and more importantly, members of both organizations -- benefit.

· NEOSA can offer programming specifically tailored to IT companies to COSE's tech company constituency.

· Programs designed to introduce technology to the broader COSE business community now have a broader base of expertise on which to draw.

· Established COSE programs and services offer benefits to NEOSA companies -- helping them manage their health insurance and employee benefit needs, as well as business development issues.

The Boards of Directors of NEOSA, COSE and GCP have met and enthusiastically approved plans for the merger. NEOSA staff and Board members are excited to join with COSE.

"We sincerely believe that this merger represents both long-term sustainability for NEOSA and an outstanding opportunity to better serve our members at the same time," said Jim Cookinham, NEOSA President. "This can help us increase the scale and impact of our efforts to serve our members and to grow the IT industry in Northeast Ohio."

"With this exciting new relationship with NEOSA, COSE is better positioned to serve as a resource and access point on technology issues for our membership and continue help advance the technology agenda in the region," said Steve Millard, Chief Operating Officer of the GCP and Executive Director of COSE.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

NEOSA Akron Meeting June 10 

Our next monthly meeting of NEOSA Akron-Canton will be Thursday, June 10. This one is going to be really interesting, so be sure not to miss it.

Dennis Adamkiewicz P.E., COO of Quantum Electronics Development, will be giving an interactive talk on "Grant writing: how to successfully get that grant you need." Dennis has a lot of experience with grant requests and will discuss the basics of grant writing for small businesses (organizations with less than 500 employees).

We are holding the meeting at Canal Place in Akron. It's a fitting location. Canal Place has the highest concentration of tech companies in one place in Akron.

Jonathan Breger and I have coordinated this meeting with Alice Hall, the Canal Place Manager. We're using this as an opportunity to spread the word about NEOSA to the Canal Place tenants. We've also invited tenants from the Akron Incubator next door.

See you there!

Thursday, June 10
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
At Canal Place - 5th Floor Captain's Quarters
Building 10, 520 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio

Admission: FREE.

Please register in advance here.

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